Thank you for your interest in my work!

Makeup and styling is not my full time job. I primarily do makeup and styling after business work hours and on the weekend. Therefore, email is the best and most reliable way to inquire about booking.

The Perfect Face certified Make-Up Artist

TPF Cosmetics Certified Makeup Artist

About Me

I have always loved make-up! I think I've got a little Dolly Parton in me. Plus, research shows that just as little as 30 to 45 minutes of art activity a day can help reduce stress. I believe that! I also believe applying make-up and "painting the face" is art! It's my creative outlet and stress reducer!

I used to be a little embarrassed that I loved makeup and dolling up as much as I did. I guess I thought people would think I was somehow less intelligent. Like no make-up/natural beauty means you're smart? I know, I know! Don't we think some crazy stuff when we are young?! But you know what?! As I entered my 40's, I became much more confident and comfortable about who I am, and what I enjoy doing at this stage of life. Also around the time I entered the fabulous 40's, my two daughters became interested in make-up and my passion for learning the art of painting a face was born.

Last, I am no expert. I just love helping other women and sharing what I have learned. Is there a guarantee that the products and techniques I use will be perfect for you? No. But, there's a world of products and make-up artists out there! I have no problem helping you find what works best for you or referring you to another make-up artist that can better help you achieve the look you want! I often have other make-up artists apply make-up for my girls. They love to be pampered by someone other than their momma, too!