Research shows that as little as 30 to 45 minutes of art activity a day can help reduce stress. I believe that! I also believe applying make-up and "painting the face" is art! I have always loved make-up! It's my creative outlet and stress reducer! 
But somewhere in my younger days I became a little embarrassed that I loved makeup and dolling up as much as I did. I guess I thought people would think I was less intelligent. Like no make-up/natural beauty means you're smart?  I know, I know! Don't we think some crazy stuff when we are young? But as I entered my fabulous 40's, I became much more confident and comfortable about who I am, and what I enjoy doing at this stage of life.  Also around the time I entered the fabulous 40's, my two daughters became interested in make-up and my passion for learning the art of painting a face was born. 

Many of you know that "Make-up Artist" has not always been my full time job. For almost 17 years I worked in a corporate setting as a marketing and public relations professional. But, something magical happened in my 40's and God gave me the courage to explore my long held dream of working as a make-up artist. Then, AT AGE 47, empowered by the support of my husband, family, friends, other artists and my clients, I am stepped away from my marketing job to pursue makeup artistry full time.